Need Help With Tax Enquiries?

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You might be chosen for an enquiry due to the nature of your business, where you live, the property you rent out or perhaps because HMRC has decided to target your particular profession. However, a proportion of enquiry cases are selected completely at random. You can read our guide on HMRC Reviews and Enquiries here.

We at BWM have considerable expertise in defending clients under enquiry by HMRC. If you are selected for a tax enquiry or an HMRC visit, we will aim to settle matters quickly and minimise the final tax liabilities.

Disputes can arise in all sorts of areas outside of full enquiries and investigations including:

Employment status;

Repairs v capital expenditure;

Private usage adjustments;

Capital allowances


Valuations for tax purposes

Is it a trading activity?

VAT segregation of businesses to avoid registration;

Employee benefit disputes

Led by Partner Sue Stephens, we have a team with the specialist knowledge to assist with a wide range of tax disputes who can prepare voluntary disclosures to HMRC to help reduce any penalties levied.  For example during a recent enquiry job where additions to the accounts were required over several years, the Revenue specifically commented on the way we (once appointed) had assisted the client and agreed to reduce the maximum penalties that could be levied by 80-85%.

We also offer our clients health checks to reduce the risks of problems arising should HMRC undertake a random review of their affairs or business records.

Should you become a client of BWM and take advantage of our Fee Protection Service our fee for handling any Revenue business records check, VAT/Paye Review, Aspect Enquiry or Full Enquiry would be covered. We will deal with any correspondence regarding HMRC enquiries for you, and will also be in attendance for any meetings you have with HMRC.

Please let us know if you would like to discuss any aspect of the above advice regarding tax enquiries or if you require further details of our Fee Protection Service. Contact Sue Stephens