Trustee Matching Service

Charity Comments Off on Trustee Matching Service

This week, (7-13 November) is UK Trustee’s Week – an annual event that aims to showcase the great work that trustees do and highlight opportunities for those interested to get involved with deserving charities and make a tangible difference.

BWMacfarlane offer our clients a unique Trustee Match service, pairing charities seeking trustees with individuals looking for trustee opportunities.

At BWMacfarlane we like to consider different factors to ensure the right match, including skill set, previous experience and geographic location.

Our Director of Client Services, Vicki Harper, says:

“As a firm who work with more than 150 charities and are engaged with the business community generally in the region, we found that we were often pairing organisations and individuals in order to help fill trustee positions.

“Since we started to offer this as a service, a number of our clients, partners and indeed employees now sit on the board of trustees for a number charities, often in treasury or chairperson roles. The firm fully supports and encourages this, and offers time off to attend meetings etc; where necessary.

“We’re proud to say that there are now many successful examples of where we have matched individuals to trustee roles, for organisations including Knowsley and Liverpool CABs, 3tc and The Royal School for the Blind.

“We hope to continue to offer this services to clients and friends of the firm, in order so that we too might help to make a lasting difference for some of the fantastic charities we work with.”

This year, the focus for Trustee’s Week is ‘Stronger Charities through Good Leadership’ and many of the organisations involved are pooling knowledge on best practise and good governance.

Managing partner at BWMacfarlane Peter Taaffe explains that it could be a well-timed move, as a new Fundraising Regulator was set up in February this year following a string of high-profile fundraising scandals.

It is a self-regulatory body funded by the UK’s biggest charities and is complementary to the official watchdog, the Charity Commission.

Peter adds:

“The role of a trustee is not to be entered into lightly – after all, trustees by and large, will govern the long term direction of the charity, its objectives or purposes and will be responsible for implementing policies and activities to achieve objectives.

“Only this month, there have been some fundamental changes to the Code of Good Governance for charities that will certainly add weight to the role of a trustee – demanding that all trustees are committed to their charity’s cause, understand their role and legal obligations and are committed to good governance.

“Add to that recent controversies around charities and the way they are governed and run, now more than ever we’re confident that many of our clients, particularly new or small charities, could benefit from our guidance in appointing trustees.”

For more information about our Trustee Match service or for charity accounting advice please contact Vicki Harper.