Auto Enrolment – Ongoing Responsibilities

Employer Comments Off on Auto Enrolment – Ongoing Responsibilities

Automatic enrolment is a continuing process for employers – it doesn’t end once they’ve put their staff into a workplace pension.

There are ongoing responsibilities you will need to complete after you’ve submitted your declaration of compliance. To stay compliant, you will need to:

  • assess the age and earnings of their staff who aren’t enrolled in a workplace pension each time they pay them, to see if they need to be put into one.
  • work out how much money they need to pay into their staff’s scheme every time they pay them.
  • continue to make the payments that are due into the scheme every time they run payroll.
  • write to staff to let them know what’s happening.
  • keep records relating to their workplace pension scheme.
  • manage any requests from staff to join or leave the scheme.

Keep paying in

You must continue to make the payment that are due into their scheme every time you run payroll. Simply setting up a pension scheme and enrolling your staff is not enough; you must continue to make contributions to it.


Under re-enloment, every three years you must assess your staff, and put all eligible workers into your workplace pension- including anyone that has previously left or opted out of the scheme.

Re-enrolment follows the same process as when you first put your staff into a workplace pension, and it must be completed for all employees that meet the age and earning criteria. If an employee only left the scheme within the last 12 months, then you can choose whether or not to re-enrol them.

For help and further information contact Sue Stephens. You can also visit The Pension Regulator website for further details.